Alpine Spruce Tops
We spare no effort travelling to the Alps to handpick trees for choosing the best resonance-wood according to its well balanced stiffness-to-density ratio.
All soundboards are air-seasoned and handsplitted.
With the Fulton-Tonewood-Treatment® we found a way to improve its natural quality.

Solid Custom Tailpiece

Stainless Steel Frets
(For an everlasting smooth feel)

Handmade High-Precision Tuners with Ivoroid Knobs
(Made in Germany)

Violin Oil Varnish
(For best acoustics and a vintage gloss)

Custom fitted Fiberglass Case
(Sturdy at only 2,5kg / 5.5lbs)

Fine-adjustable 2-way Truss Rod
(A right adjusted neck-relief results in the best playability possible)

High-Fret-Position Clearance
(Pro-players will appreciate)